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“You can’t solve a problem on the same level that it was created.

You have to rise above it to the next level.”

–Albert Einstein

Project Sustainability

Project Sustainability

What is the $XETA Token?

The $XETA token is a utility token that is the medium of exchange in the XETA Capital ecosystem. As our currency token, it is used for various purposes in our extended network or projects. $XETA tokens have many uses such as fee collection in transactions, rewards or incentives, and the creation of XŌNs. Additionally, $XETA may also be sold on the open market. For increased utility and security, $XETA is paired with the stablecoin, USDC on the Avalanche blockchain.


What is the XETA XŌN?

The XETA XŌN is a collection of 10 $XETA tokens. As a combined group of $XETA tokens, each XŌN offers the purchaser the opportunity to generate additional tokens. This generation of additional tokens (rewards) is a preset amount of 0.1 tokens per day. These reward tokens become the primary means of revenue generation for our clients. The rewards may be sold on the open market or placed back into the XŌN pool for additional rewards generation.


Project Sustainability / Tokenomics

Supply: XETA will mint 21,000,000 $XETA Coins. These will be made available for public participation in XETA Capital, LLC.

10 $XETA Coins for 1 XŌN.  /  0.1 token per day per XŌN

As XŌNs are created, each XŌN generates client rewards in the form of additional $XETA tokens.

XETA estimates 2.5-3 years of token sustainability before considering the readjustment of token structure.


Expiring XŌNs:

XŌNs expire every 12 months to:

· Prevent unsustainable Growth · Adapt or modify tokenomics · Keep the project healthy and protect the XETA community

Residual Income

Residual Income

The XETA Residual Income model is multi-faceted and includes multiple revenue streams from a diverse number of markets, sources and offerings.


The revenue streams for Phase 1 include the XETA XŌN Project and the XETA Capital Fund. Phase 2 revenue streams will include NFT offerings, a Crypto Debit Card (fiat to crypto/crypto to fiat), and Online Merchant Services.


It is important to note that some items listed in a phase may be brought to our XETA family in a slightly altered timeline. Our commitment to communication and transparency will ensure that XETA clients are always well-informed ahead of any changes via their client dashboard. Throughout the various XETA phases, there will be “mystery” items rolled out for our closest friends. Stay tuned.


XŌN Structure

10 $XETA tokens to make a 1 XŌN.

Rewards System

0.1 $XETA per XŌN per day for 365 days (265% APY).

$XETA tokens may be sold on an open market or compounded to create additional XŌNs.

TO VIEW The XETA Residual Income Model & Fee Structure


TO VIEW THE Description of the Process Behind XŌNS / Expired XŌNS


Bridge Between Defi + TradFi

Bridge Between DeFi + TradFi

Entering the Traditional Market


When it comes to considering financial growth opportunities, many consider the DeFi space a dark abyss, cursed by uncontrollable market fluctuations, rug pulls, and outlandish claims. At the same time, many cannot take the leap into private equity or venture capital markets due to the high cost of entry. XETA Capital’s well-crafted strategic plan for sustainable wealth opportunities bridges the gap between decentralized finance (DeFi) and traditional finance (TradFi), allowing our clients access to the best of both worlds.


By creating a transparent financial experience that is intelligent, fast, reliable, and secure, XETA clients have comprehensive tools available to them that are unique in the financial markets – on both sides of the bridge.


Due to XETA’s proactive approach to addressing the gap between TradFi and DeFi by identifying and securing traditional finance opportunities prior to launching, our project will enjoy profits from day one. Among the options on our Road Map to the bridge, the XETA client will find a healthy mix of traditional and innovative investment opportunities. These currently include additional banking services, fiat-to-crypto exchange capabilities, crypto debit cards, crypto point-of-sale systems, fiat and crypto integrated wealth management, gaming (both P2E and traditional), entertainment, and more.


The speed and agility of the DeFi space, coupled with the vast infrastructure recognized by TradFi, offers unique and diverse opportunities to the XETA ecosystem. XETA is where you will find the bridge to a diversified, stable financial future, securing a solid path to generational wealth.


Take the bridge to XETA – the Nexus of Future + Finance.

Long Term Wealth

Long-Term Wealth Management

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because

someone planted a tree a long time ago.” — Warren Buffet

Wealth management strategies involve dedicated, targeted, relevant investing to help you reach your financial goals. Effective wealth managers understand this and know the importance of helping their clients formulate long-term goals (while understanding their risk tolerance) and are able to partner with their clients to achieve maximum results.


Having an advisor who can keep you on a disciplined plan for investment management is an important key to maintaining wealth portfolios that are sustainable for generations. The trusted GAXSYS long-term wealth management team use their financial expertise to serve as trusted consultants to high-net-worth business or individuals. By taking the time to understand your investment needs, they build a bespoke investment strategy to meet your requirements over an economic cycle. The goal is to design the most efficient portfolio for each client’s risk profile and to focus on an optimal asset allocation for a given level of risk.


Through enhanced macroeconomic analysis, the wealth managers within XETA constantly strive to outperform defined benchmark portfolios and to deliver superior returns based on specific investment profiles. By market-leading research and enhanced due diligence, GAXSYS has provided effective Long-Term Wealth Management services for over a decade.



Global Real Estate

Global Real Estate

"Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate." - Andrew Carnegie.

There are certain ventures in wealth management that endure despite ups and downs. While time and tech have brought about significant changes in wealth creation, Real Estate continues to make up two-thirds of global assets or net worth. Whether you are new to Real Estate or have long-standing experience, The XETA Capital Pathway to Global Real Estate provides a foundation of proven expertise to land you squarely on your path to increased, sustainable wealth.

Pathway to TradFi

Pathway to TradFi Markets

Decentralized finance is still the wild, wild west when it comes to financial control, transparency, and legislation. On the one hand this encourages and provides the environment for the speedy development of ideas and innovation, yet it can also be a breeding ground for scams, unscrupulous actors, and dishonest business practices. This in turn causes deep suspicion of any DeFi-related projects within the larger financial community.


XETA Capital is here to create a clear pathway to Tradfi markets for our DeFi clients and customers. We understand that the ecosystem constantly evolves, and we will grow as the project matures. XETA’s path to success leads to a junction between DeFi and TradFi opportunities. Our diverse offerings provide XETA clients with the technology, tools, and tailored personal consultation needed to curate a solid, stable and  diversified portfolio–one that reaps the rewards of the best of both worlds, TradFi and DeFi.


Our targeted alliances with GAXSYS, AlphaBit, and Launchpool, are just the beginning.


Banking services, Fiat and Crypto Integrated Wealth Management, on- and off-chain projects are the first steps on the pathway to Tradfi markets and will allow the XETA client to take full advantage of the unique XETA ecosystem.


Diversification is paramount to long-term wealth management, and XETA Capital confidently provides the pathway for success.

To learn more about our pathway to TradFi markets


Transparency + Integrity

Transparency + Integrity

Transparency, honesty and consistency form the foundation of trust between a corporation and its investors, customers, partners, and employees. Open communication with stakeholders about matters relating to the business is key to building this trust, and we understand that. XETA provides this communication framework through our real-time XETADATA (XD) client dashboard. The XETADATA Dashboard will provide each customer with real-time data on account XŌN status, reward generation, $XETA token price, XETA Capital Fund profitability and XETA News and announcements – with much more to come.


We believe that the best way to communicate transparently with our client base is with numbers. The XETADATA Dashboard will accomplish just that. All data presented will be real-time account information pulled from market sources.


XETA is committed to building trust, confidence and goodwill by establishing and preserving a reputation for openness and honesty in all business dealings. The world economy, DeFi, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology are all part of a rapidly growing space, filled with new innovations daily. Operating in this sector, it is vital that businesses adapt and change to take advantage of growing market innovations. XETA is no exception to this principle. XETA pledges to adapt to what is being learned on a global scale in order to keep its market advantage. In order to make adjustments to our system and give ample notice to our clients and partners, XETA pledges to give a minimum of a 7-day notice for any fee changes, and a 28-day notice for any major modifications that may be required.


Furthermore, XETA Capital is committing to disclosing financial data on a quarterly basis–showing you the data you need to know, when you need to know it. The disclosure of financial data will include quarterly financial reports audited by KPMG or PwC, status of investment accounts held and profitability reports of all XETA initiatives. Quarterly reports and other financial health information will be available on your XETADATA client dashboard.

Unparalleled Coverage

Unparalleled Coverage

As if the prior ‘ethos stack’ was not enough, XETA Capital will provide you and your new fiscal fortress an extensive level of protection against smart contract breaches, exchange hacks, and malicious actors. Combining coverage from Nexus Mutual with the €100M in capital guarantees and asset protection secured by our partners in Switzerland gives us the confidence to say that all XETA accounts have Unparalleled Coverage and security.

You will be hard-pressed to find this level of fraud and asset protection ANYWHERE.


XETA is wealth management, REIMAGINED.



In an increasingly volatile financial landscape, XETA enters the market utilizing the USDC stablecoin and €100 MILLION in Audited Asset Backing. This guarantee protects our assets and the XETA community from the negative influences of major fluctuations in the crypto markets and ensures our assets in the XETA Capital Fund are solidly secured by capital assets.



Custodian Breach / Protocol Failure / Yield Token Failure

A decentralized alternative to traditional insurance, Nexus Mutual offers another layer of security and stability to the XETA Capital client, providing XETA a blockchain insurance solution that uses the power of Ethereum to secure blockchain activity and assets. The multi-billion dollar DeFi space is littered with tragic examples of fraud, deceit and outright incompetence - the result of which has been massive asset loss for some. By joining with Nexus, we are protected against smart contract failure, potential multi-sig wallet issues, and exchange hacks.


XETA welcomes you to the new frontier - where wealth management is reimagined. This IS the nexus of future and finance.


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