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Blue-Chip Financial Service: First-Look & Past Performance Revealed

The first reveal of real utility in Defi, accepting our own native currency

In the world of crypto and Defi, very few projects accept the currency that they themselves minted.

At XETA Capital, we have created a utility that enables you the ability to participate in an economy, where the end result still allows you to receive profits, all while protecting the token price and bolstering the tokenomics.

“The ability to accept your own token as the native currency while providing a utility that far surpasses simply selling on the open market will set the standard for the future of Defi projects.”

Below, we will share the first exclusive look at the Blue-Chip: Our very first utility and first of the next three financial services, released very soon.

Exclusive First Look

When the services are released, you will see all three available on the right side of your XETADATA Dashboard. Each service will be unlocked at 25, 50, and 75 XŌNs.

These new additions to your dashboard will look similar to this:

Blue-Chip Dashboard

When the Blue-Chip is accessed, you will then see a new modal that will enable all of the access that will allow the following:

  • Deposit funds into either entire Pools or individual $250 blocks (Deposits will only be accepted in $XETA tokens!)

  • Withdraw Principal and Profits (Liquidate)

  • Withdraw only Profits

  • View Historical withdrawals, including Processing and Completed withdrawals

  • View details of each Pool, including performance, participants, and Sectors

  • Vested and open Pools

  • Overall account performance and ROI

Blue-Chip Pools, Blocks, and Equity Sectors

When the Blue-Chip is available, not only will individual Pools be available, but we will be providing the ability for investments to be made into specific Equity Sectors!

This provides further exposure to not just equities trading, managed by a wealth professional, but multiple different Sectors including FinTech and many more!

Blue-Chip Past Performance History

As you can see from this past performance history, Gaxsys' Blue-Chip financial service has outperformed the equities market across the multiple various sectors, showing how this service is not only more profitable than holding equities but provides yet another successful utility in XETA Capital's ecosystem.


This utility is right around the corner! We have a key team member who has been out sick, and we are currently running a few days behind schedule. As you can see, much is built, and we are undergoing back-end and front-end testing as we speak.

Our team is working non-stop, throughout the day and night, to bring this ground-breaking utility to the space that Defi has never before been seen, setting the standard and providing only the best of the best for our community who is more than deserving of such use-case utility.

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