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Blue Chip Financial Service - Now Available!

The first of many upcoming utility and use cases for XETA Capital

Welcome to the new world of Defi, the world of utility and real-world use cases. In this article, we will go through the first of many utilities inside of XETA Capital: The Blue Chip Financial Service.

“Utility is the differentiating factor between 'just another Defi' project that is doomed to fail versus a successful project that can dramatically impact the lives of its community.”

You’ll be seeing a lot of utility coming from XETA Capital throughout October - But that is JUST the beginning!

By the end of October, XETA Capital plans to have multiple utility points launched and live, including finalized audits and much more that we have been working on behind-the-scenes that our community will be pleasantly surprised with.

Blue Chip Revealed

Access to Blue Chip unlocks for those who have a minimum of 25 XŌNs or more inside of their wallet. Access to this Blue Chip service, from a traditional finance wealth management firm, would typically require several million USD in net worth. XETA Capital allows its community access to this same level of service without the need for this amount of capital by owning 25 XŌNs, instead.

The above shows the Blue Chip official user interface from inside the XETADATA dashboard. This gives access to the ability to invest in Blue Chip equities trading, managed by Gaxsys, using your $XETA tokens!


Participation in Blue Chip requires a $25,000 minimum investment, however, we have circumvented that barrier to entry by allowing for Pooled Participation.

This means that each $25,000 "Pool" is broken down into fractionalized amounts, just like we have typically seen in #defi. Each $25,000 Pool contains 100 blocks. A user who has access to the Blue Chip financial service can invest as little as $250 to purchase a single block inside of each Pool, truly unlocking access to financial services for the common person, without the need for high net worth.

At the top of the Blue Chip dashboard, you will see "Open Pools". This shows Pools that are open and available.

After a Pool has been completely sold out, it activates, gets sent off to Gaxsys for investing, and immediately moves to the bottom of the dashboard and is listed under "Vested Pools".

This Pool service is similar to a crowdfunding mechanism, where we see individuals "pool" funds together for a shared common cause. This system, designed as an exclusive first in #defi, by XETA Capital, is a system that can be used down the road for incubation, launchpads, crowdfunding, and MUCH more that we already have planned!


The performance of the Blue Chip service will be directly correlated to the equities market and the trading performance of Gaxsys. Past performance has shown a 22% and higher annual performance, but the predicted performance is 15%, in order to err on the conservative side.

Once a pool has been "Vested", performance data will slowly start to matriculate into the interface. You will begin to see specific performance on individual pools in the "Vested" pools area.

Overall performance across the entire set of Vested pools will be shown at the very top of the Blue Chip interface.

Both of these are listed under "Performance" and can change over time. We recommend allowing this to be vested for several months to get a better overall picture of actual performance.


For additional diversification inside XETA Capital's utility, our Blue Chip not only allows a minimum of $250 investment, but you can now also choose which "Sector" of equities you want to invest into!

Each pool will have an "info" icon above where it says "Brief" which shows a blip that will contain the sector that the pool is in along with a brief description of the sector itself.

The various Sectors, at the time of this writing, include:

  • Technology: Focuses on manufacturing, networking, and telecommunications companies

  • Pharmaceutical: Investments include major and global pharmaceutical sales and related manufacturing.

  • Finance: This pool includes international and commercial finance, banking, and investment groups.

  • Consumer: Focuses on well-known and highly successful global consumer product companies.


XETA Capital not only brings the best of #tradfi to the #defi world but is doing it in a revolutionary way with its utility.

In each financial service, you can deposit using the native $XETA token: All without ever selling!

As long as you have the required number of XŌNs, and if the token price of $XETA is $105, and you have 10 tokens, you can deposit the equivalent USD value of $1,050 into the various financial services.

This means you do not have to sell your $XETA tokens in order to receive your ROI or profits in XETA Capital.

The Blue Chip interface shows the amount of USD value you have invested, along with your $XETA tokens and their equivalent USD value for you to deposit.

When you withdraw (after a minimum of 28 days vested), you withdraw in $USDC.

This means you deposit in $XETA and withdraw profits in $USDC, avoiding the pitfalls of previous projects where there is no utility and nothing to do with your token rewards besides simply selling them.


The Blue Chip is the very first financial service of many more to come. The financial services themselves are just the very first category of utility to come.

As a catalog of financial services is built, catalogs of further utility will also be built.

This will give XETA Capital the title of the very first project in #defi that is truly bringing life-changing utility to the space, utilizing and bridging traditional finance, unlocking the power of high-net-worth financial instruments, and allowing access to the everyday person.

We are just getting started.

Welcome to Nexus of Future and Finance.

* Please note: Past performance does not indicate, nor guarantee future performance. The numbers written here are not a guarantee of profits or profitability.

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