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MicroXŌNs - Now Available!

Introducing MicroXŌNs, the latest innovation from the launch team at XETA Capital!

"We realize everyone starts somewhere, and this new product from XETA is a low-risk, high-reward starting point to build your financial empire."

In today’s DeFi space, cash is tight, people are skeptical, nervous, and stung…then there’s crypto winter! (Call us crazy, but we thought we’d go ahead and launch a new project in the middle of all this.) So, in this environment, we wanted to find a way to open our doors affordably to a larger audience. We wanted to let people get a taste of what XETA is all about, including XETA’s exciting high-frequency trading fund!

Yes, in addition to LOWERING the barrier of entry, MicroXŌNs grant members access to XETA Capital’s High-Frequency Trading service! MicroXŌNs are designed to give liftoff to your financial dreams with less drag on your wallet!

The Breakdown

There are two types of MicroXŌNs — MicroXŌNs and NanoXŌNs. Here’s how they work:

Token Emissions MicroXŌNs cost $500 USDC tokens and emit 0.05 X3TA tokens daily. NanoXŌNs cost $250 USDC tokens and emit 0.025 X3TA tokens daily.

Simply put, MicroXŌNs cost half and emit half of regular XŌNs, while NanoXŌNs cost one-quarter and emit one-quarter of regular XŌNs.

Lifespan They have the same lifespan as regular XŌNs — 365 days, after which they expire and stop emitting rewards. MicroXŌN members must have at least one active XŌN to maintain access to XETA Capital. Members using the HFT MicroPool must have a minimum of ten MicroXŌNs to maintain access to our High-Frequency Trading service.

Fees MicroXŌNs and NanoXŌNs have an identical fee structure to regular XŌNs.

Maintenance Fee: $15 USDC per month, per MicroXŌN Claim Fee: $5 USDC per claim

Members pay their fees by selecting "View Account Details" on their MicroXŌN XETADATA™, as seen below.

Financial Services As previously mentioned, MicroXŌNs and NanoXŌNs have their own separate access to our coveted High-Frequency Trading fund, XETA’s most aggressive financial service to date. MicroXŌN holders can deposit their accumulated X3TA tokens into HFT MicroPools that unlock when at least 10 MicroXŌNs or NanoXŌNs are in their wallet, with smaller pools and smaller block sizes to accommodate the lower emission rate.

This HFT access will have a 5% monthly ROI cap, allowing a “micro” taste of our real-world utility. This allows the vision of XETA Capital to continue progressing forward with providing real-world utility in Defi to a broader audience at an easier access point.

The principal is locked for 90 days; profits can be withdrawn directly to your MetaMask wallet 30 days after the initial deposit. Please allow up to 30 days to receive your funds.

It’s important to note that HFT MicroPOOLS are first-come-first-serve. To know when pools become available, please visit your MicroXŌN dAPP, the announcement channel in our Discord, or follow us on Twitter.

Compounding MicroXŌNs emit X3TA tokens just like regular XŌNs. This makes depositing rewards into the HFT MicroPools simple and allows users to compound their tokens into regular XŌNs. The more XŌNs you have, the larger your HFT profit margins. See below:

HFT Monthly Returns 10+ Micro/Nano XŌNs = 5% 10–24 XŌNs = 10% 25–74 XŌNs = 15% 75+ XŌNs = Variable (20+%)


MicroXŌNs allow the vision of XETA Capital to continue progressing forward with providing real-world utility in Defi to a broader audience at an easier access point. So, there you have it! Remember, access to high-frequency trading algorithms is typically reserved for high-net-worth clients with millions of dollars in liquid assets. However, XETA Capital is reimagining wealth management and making these financial tools available to YOU through the power of MicroXŌNs.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit and take the next step toward your financial goals.

* Please note: Past performance does not indicate nor guarantee future performance. The numbers written here are not a guarantee of profits or profitability.

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