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Presenting: Lakes

Updated: Mar 1

Deposit Unclaimed X3TA, Earn USDC — It really is that simple.

From the onset of XETA Capital, our mission has been to bridge real-world utility and real-world use-case from traditional finance to the much-deserving world of defi utilizing blockchain technology to access and enable that opportunity.

This vision makes XETA Capital different and ultimately sets us apart from every other defi project. The ability to unlock high-end services from the traditional finance world and enable that access to the defi world is what truly defines XETA Capital.

With that effort in mind, we proudly present our newest offering, LAKES.

Lakes are one large body where members can deposit their unclaimed X3TA tokens to earn monthly airdrops. Lakes unlock access to our popular High-Frequency Trading (HFT) service for members with as few as 1–9 XŌNs. This enables access to our popular HFT service for every wallet in the XETA Capital ecosystem, regardless of the number of XŌNs.

Lakes advance the mission of XETA Capital even further, opening up an incredible wealth-building opportunity for all of those in the XETA ecosystem.

So, let’s dive into how they work… Lakes utilize a new rollover function, meaning members can only deposit the unclaimed X3TA rewards from their XŌNs. This way, there are zero claim fees when using Lakes and no limits.

The only way to use freshly bought X3TA tokens for Lakes, whether OTC or from the open market, is to create more XŌNs and roll over their unclaimed X3TA rewards into Lakes.

A Lake will open every month and remain open for 28 days or until full, whichever occurs first. Lake sizes are initially $500,000, with the minimum deposit being $100 worth of unclaimed X3TA tokens. All XŌN holders can participate by depositing their unclaimed X3TA tokens into the Lake at market value. The deposited amount is locked (a sunk cost), and participants receive their profit in monthly USDC airdrops as long as their membership remains current. So, set it, then forget it!

Like other XETA products, a participant’s profit percentage cap depends on the number of XŌNs held in their wallets, as seen below.

Hold 1–9 XŌNs : Earn 6% Hold 10–24 XŌNs : Earn 10% Hold 25–49 XŌNs : Earn 15% Hold 50–74 XŌNs : Earn 20% Hold 75–99 XŌNs : Earn 25% Hold 100+ XŌNs : Earn 30%

Please note: If your XŌN count decreases to a lower tier, your monthly profit cap will be adjusted to that tier accordingly. On the other hand, if your XŌN count increases to a higher tier, your profit cap will remain at the tier it was at the time of your deposit.

Airdrop Schedule We will send the first airdrop to each participant fifty-six days after a Lake closes. From there, an airdrop will occur every twenty-eight days.

Here’s how it breaks down:

1) A Lake starts working the business day after it closes

2) 28 days after a Lake begins operating, a snapshot is taken

3) 28 days after the snapshot, the first AirDrop takes place

4) From there, airdrops occur every 28 days — with no action required from participants

As you can see, XETA Capital continues to fulfill its mission of bridging real-world traditional financial services with the world of DeFi. We've tested the water... go ahead and jump in.

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