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Updated 2022 Roadmap

New dates, projects, and much more revealed

First, we’ll go over what we’ve done, then what we’ll do and when we’ll do it.

In September 2022, XETA Capital launched the FriendXON referral system, which allows you to refer a friend, earn XREF, and reward you for sharing XETA Capital.

We had the Blue Chip that launched. It’s selling out relatively quickly.

Then, we had the dashboard update. There’s more to come with the Private Equity and accelerators.

We had the claim limit and the Membership Update, which allows you to be up to 28 days beyond your XON renewal date and still accrue rewards.

On the way, we’ve got High-Frequency Trading. This is in partnership with Gaxsys, which will allow you to use the HFT they use inside of the Xeta Capital Fund by depositing your XETA token. Our HFT service is due to be released this week!

We will be partnering with The Moov. The Moov is a digital marketplace. It says NFT market, but that’s because it’s going to launch with an NFT line. Launching on The Moov will be the Uncharted NFT collection. These will provide real-world utility. They’ll be NFTs that do something. These are going to be tied into the HFT. There’s going to be a business-to-business component. Rather than having projects come in and dump tokens constantly, why not give a method that allows everyone to win?

Expect to hear more about their team, how they’re going to benefit XETA, and vice versa.

Accelerators are pushed out to January. Accelerators are pushed to January due to moving Private Equity ahead to November and putting the dashboard updates in place sooner. Many design changes in the interface have to happen for these to launch properly, and we had a core team member fall ill.

We have real utility. We should push that utility. There’s a plan for world dominance. It’s taking XETA Capital to that next level. While we see this market crashing, we’re thinking way beyond the system we’re in.

In short: We’re taking XETA Capital to the next level.

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