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XETA Capital - Utility (August 15, 2022)

A behind-the-scenes look at the true Utility surrounding XETA Capital

The promise of cryptocurrency, especially defi, has been one filled with missed targets, the inability to execute, and failing to provide a true economy of currencies on the blockchain.

“The ability to create real-world utility and use-case using the $XETA token builds the foundation for the economic system inside of XETA Capital.”

While innovation in the space does in fact exist, the ability to provide enough options to utilize a specific cryptocurrency as a real and true currency inside of a blockchain system filled with an economy of options, unfortunately, has not come to fruition.

The XETA Capital Vision

When the vision behind XETA Capital was being created, it was painted with the image of colors, to be able to take the native token inside of the ecosystem, the $XETA token, and allow those who own XŌNs (10 $XETA tokens = 1 XŌN) to not only earn 0.1 $XETA per day as residual income but be able to utilize those rewards inside of a true economy.

An Economy of Options

This economy of options provides those who own XŌNs with the palette of decisions to make, including compounding that residual income, unlocking further access to real-world financial services, accelerator purchases, being able to use the token to participate and deposit into financial services such as private equity, equity trading, high-frequency trading algorithms, and much more.

It is this ability to spend your $XETA token just like you would with your Fiat currency, that provides the real-world utility and use case for the $XETA token inside of a brand-new economic environment that gives you the participant an array of options outside of the centralized banking system in a way that can enable you to take control of your own financial destiny.


While most other defi projects have a single utility, and that typically is to sell the token and drive the price down, XETA Capital not only provides daily residual income but allows each XŌN holder to use their daily residual income in a variety of ways to, potentially, magnify their streams of income by participating in a true economy of options.

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