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"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." – Andrew Carnegie


Gavin Minty


Gavin is a US Marine Corps and Operation Enduring Freedom Veteran. He brings a unique understanding of TradFi and DeFi and a specialty in cultivating and fostering relationships internally and externally to ensure maximum interoperability within the "Xetasphere". As a 16-year technology professional, Gavin has worked globally in the US, Germany, Japan, and various nations in the MENA region.


Brent Robison


Brent owns marketing and project execution like few do, and he brings that combination of skills to XETA Capital. As CMO, Brent has driven the conceptual branding of  XETA Capital and is the architect and creator of the XETA DApp user experience and interface design. His experience in complex online services has given the XETA Member unique, first-in-its-class account management tools, task performance and detailed insights. Brent has worked with multi-national corporations, small businesses and global nonprofits for over 25 years, deploying innumerable web launches, marketing, capital, and advertising campaigns. He brings real-world project development and production objectivity to the DeFi space. Brent executes - with a track record to prove it.



A Serial Entrepreneur with an unquenchable interest in IT, a love for Christ, and a heart for people, Showtime has managed a variety of enterprises. With formal education, training, and 15+ years of experience in information technology, the concept of melding technology and entrepreneurship in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space is natural. Transparency and clear communication are guiding principles that serve him well as we build the XETA community and a project that can change how people view the TradFi/DeFi space.


Carrie Young


Carrie brings a solid portfolio of financial and administrative experience to the XETA team. She has worked in the US and internationally, creating economic, HR, marketing, management, and organizational processes for companies in various fields. Her experience spans multi-billion dollar companies to start-ups to global NGOs. She focuses on ensuring that XETA maintains professional, accepted business practices in finance and business administration.

Mark Johnson

GAXSYS Liaison/Business Dev

Senior Investment & Strategy Advisor at GAXSYS. Mark has over 15 years in the financial markets. He has helped many start-ups raise initial capital, taking some from start-ups to IPO listing on NASDAQ AND LSE. Since 2016 Mark has been heavily involved in crypto and is a key advisor in launching AlphaBit Fund—one of the first cryptocurrency funds to outperform BTC. Other noteworthy projects include LaunchPool, TAP Global, BOXVN Logistics, and Bubblr.

IMAGE 2022-08-15 16_33_42.jpg

XETA Tarek

Director of Strategy & Analytics

Tarek has both a Masters in Electrical Engineering (Control Systems) and a Bachelor's in Electrical & Systems Engineering. He has used his skills in a fortune 50 company specializing in new product development. He has managed $70 million+ capital funds while executing and launching new consumer products to the global market. Tarek's ability to combine his understanding of strategies, forecasting, analytics, and tokenomics is invaluable in the XETA ecosystem.

Chris Glock

Operations Consultant

Chris has a keen understanding of fundamental business principles, with an emphasis on project and budget management. He brings strong interpersonal and high-level analytical problem-solving skills and is particularly adept in strategy and process improvements. Chris’ leadership and collaborative skills have been honed in the US government sector and Fortune 100 companies, giving him a unique perspective as he brings his broad business acumen to the DeFi space


Tyler Schmitt

Finance & Analytics

Tyler holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Business Management and a Master of Science in Finance from a private university in Vienna, Austria. He has seven years of experience in finance, having worked with startups and government agencies specializing in financial, budget, and business analytics. Tyler is also a US Marine Corp Veteran.

Jason Boyer

Governance + Procedures

Jason has over 20 years of experience in Geo-Science, IT Operations, IT Security, and IT Service Delivery in Municipal, State, and Federal government, as well as governance and service delivery for the financial sector. Jason brings comprehensive contract management, project and program, and portfolio management skills. Jason is an expert in Lean Six-Sigma, ITIL V4 and is an accomplished technical proposal writer.

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